104: June 25th Special with Jenny Winings

Ten years ago today, on June 25th, 2009, Michael Jackson tragically passed away amidst preparations for what was to be his final concert, This Is It. For fans the world over, the pain still lingers… Each year we come together on this day to remember, honour and reflect on the magical life that was Michael Jackson’s, as well as the love and timeless art he gave to the world.

In this June 25th Special, Jamon and Q are joined by long-time fan Jenny Winings. Now based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jenny shares her fan story, the experience of seeing Michael in concert at both nights of his Madison Square Garden 30th Anniversary celebration, and memories of the times she met Michael, including when she shared a car with the King of Pop and Gavin Arviso during a shopping trip to Toys’R’Us, as well as when she visited and stayed at Neverland Ranch.

This special episode also features touching thoughts on how our guests from the past year feel that Michael should be remembered, as well as a number of musical tributes to commemorate Michael and the positive influence he’s had on all our lives.

As we pay tribute to the great man that Michael was on the tenth anniversary of his passing, we want to remind fans the world over that none of us are alone. We all share in the grief, and love, we have for Michael.

Additional Links
• Jenny’s Twitter and Instagram pages.
• Information on Michael Jackson’s Madison Square Garden 30th Anniversary celebration
• Concert footage of the 30th Anniversary Celebration
• Michael Jackson’s Virgin Megastore signing

Ad & Music Breaks
• Life Is a Movie – Omer Bhatti
• Henry Gorman – Billie Jean is Waiting
• Infinity – Heal the World (cover)

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4 Replies to “104: June 25th Special with Jenny Winings”

  1. kwill

    How can Gavin say he would be dead without Michael? He never even had terminal cancer. He knew he probably wasn’t going to die and yet he was telling everyone the opposite. Sounds like Janet had the allegations pre-planned.

  2. Sandra

    Great episode guys! This day was so strange for me, everything reminded me of Michael. I couldn’t concentrate and was very sad all day. Still with these new allegations I think Michael got many new fans who aren’t ready to be manipulated. His music will live forever. Keep on michaeling!

  3. Des

    This is the only way for me to share with you how emotional I am tonight,I don’t have twitter or Facebook,but tonight I watched the voice and Kelly Rowland together with one of her contestants performed the earth song,but what strucked me most is how emotional she got at the end,I know she loves Michael Jackson and I felt she wanted to say so much,but she didn’t have too she said nothing but she said it all ,I was crying all through the song.Thank you.

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