087: Happy 60th Birthday MJ!

On this episode celebrating Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday, Q, Elise and Jamon go on a trip down memory lane with special guest Sean Fitzgerald, who was part of the team who ran The Magic World of Michael Jackson Fan Club in the U.S. from 1989-1995. Sean recreates the incredible moments he experienced during this golden era for MJ fans, such as attending Michael’s fabled Bad World Tour shows at Madison Square Garden and having front-row access to the filming of MTV’s 10th Anniversary Special, where Michael performed Black or White and Will You Be There for the first time. He also talks about the infamous 1995 HBO Beacon Theatre show that was cancelled when Michael fell ill and organising ‘MichaelFest’ fan gatherings.

Plus, Sean goes into detail about his fan club’s very positive relationship with MJJ Productions, who invited Sean and other fan club organizers to their LA office on multiple occasions. Sean also gives interesting insight into how the fan community was organised pre-internet, and how that time contrasts to the online community today.

Sean Fitzgerald is based in New York, and now works in marketing. He’s been married to his high-school sweetheart (who is also an MJ fan!) for 27 years, and they have five children together. Sean is also very active in Church ministries (prison ministry, youth ministry and bible study) and has multiple degrees in Theology. He still has many very personal items from his collection of MJ memorabilia, including a range of items signed personally from Michael Jackson.

The MJCast can’t imagine a better way to celebrate sixty years of Michael than with these fantastic memories.

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• Sean Fitzgerald’s email address. You can contact him here!

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11 Replies to “087: Happy 60th Birthday MJ!”

  1. Yen

    Terrific as always!
    I so loved,loved,loved this episode💛💛💛
    As you know,that we are ahead of dates here in Asia so im early for an MJ birthday celebration.Today was MJ all day,I played his Music non-stop and listening to your podcast before going to bed is the most delicious icing on the cake😀😁😂It is the most amazing thing to end the day.
    Thank you MJ Cast!
    Mabuhay! (That is a greeting that means “long live” from the Philippines)

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      So glad you enjoyed it, thank you for letting us know! Sounds like you’ve had a FANTASTIC day celebrating MJ, and we’re thrilled that the podcast was part of that celebration!
      Maligayang kaarawan to Michael Jackson? (Did I get that right? Hehe.)

  2. Katie

    I loved this so much when I heard the interviews and songs I was crying I couldn’t help it I miss him so much

  3. Debbie Shew

    I loved this episode as well and like others I cried. So what the hell is new. I always cry when it comes to MJ. It’s what I do. So I am a little off topic here but I wanted to share this with you guys so much I couldn’t find a more fitting place to put it. I joined this FB group called Baby Boomers 1946-1964 where we post just about anything we want to reminisces upon. So a couple days ago I posted Michael’s iconic first moonwalk video at Motown 25 and I am so proud to announce that almost 2 days have past and I have only 1 (YES THAT WAS ONE) derogatory comment on that post and it was about him grabbing his crotch. This old lady said she quit watching him because of that. To me that is a milestone people. I can live with that lol. I know I will probably be eating these words soon but I have had a couple happy days anyway. With Love, L.O.V.E. Michael On!

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      That is a really encouraging and nice story! By continuing to support MJ’s true legacy, we all hope that he will ultimately be remembered for the amazing man he was. We are on the right track! Thanks for listening to the episode and for sharing! -E

  4. Kerry

    I love listening youni always get goosebumps, growning up as a kid i was so inspired by michael jackson and his work. He was truly one amazng human being and such a wonderful humanitarian, i never ever want the world to ever forget the person he was not just because he was this amazing king off pop but for him as a person who loved everyone and everything. So im gonna carry his message off love in my heart and everywhere i go in the world im gonna talk about him especialy his love for children…his legacy will live on forever…i miss mj

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      Love this wonderful comment and message, Kerry. Please do keep carrying MJ’s spirit on in your heart! -E


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