083: Reflections on Joseph Jackson Roundtable

On June 27th, 2018, the patriarch of the Jackson family, Joseph Walter Jackson, passed away. Jamon and Q welcome return guest Taj Jackson to discuss memories of his grandfather, and to set the record straight regarding the way the way the media has handled news of Joe’s passing. For this very special roundtable episode, the guys are also joined by The MJCast’s Jackson Family Correspondent, Janneke van der Linden, and Legal Correspondent, Charles Thomson.

Joe Jackson, also known as ‘The Hawk’, started life with a rough childhood in Arkansas. He married Katherine Scruse, and fathered ten children with her, all while working two jobs, one at a steel mill and another as a welder, imbuing his children with a love of music and performance. Joe quickly started managing his son’s blossoming musical careers, and, though he became known for ruling the group with an iron fist, loved ones say his fire only sprang from wanting the very best for his children. He pushed his sons to achieve greater and greater heights, from local talent shows, to national competitions, to Steeltown Records, Motown, and international stardom.

Joe was a complex and sometimes controversial figure, but he is remembered now, by his family members, for his amazing will and the sacrifices he made to help his sons reach incredible levels of success. He was also there for his son, Michael, through many of the hardest years of his life, particularly during the 2005 trial and in the lead up to Michael’s ill-fated This Is It tour.

The MJCast’s entire team offer their condolences to the Jackson family on their loss, and thank Taj for sharing his memories. May Joe rest in peace.

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18 Replies to “083: Reflections on Joseph Jackson Roundtable”

  1. Debbie Shew

    I have only one thing to say; THE WHOLE WORLD SHOULD HEAR THIS EPISODE! Great Job guys and many thanks to Taj.

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      Thank you for your very kind comment, Debbie! We so appreciate that, and we are thrilled that Taj could join us.
      Thanks for your support, and feel free to spread the word about the episode!
      Stay BAD!

    2. Debbie Shew

      Oh my apologies to Taj, it was thoughtless of me not to include in my previous comment: I wish you and your family the best, my thoughts and prayers are with you all and RIP Joe and Michael.

  2. Gaston Franco

    This year at the Apollo in New York City where we continue to do the candle vigil for Michael Jackson since his passing we mention Joe Jackson and wish him well even thou we knew things were not looking good and he was with his family. Joe Jackson alias “The Hawk” did a lot. We have to look at all the optics. I’m glad that you folks got TJ Jackson to speak up. Once again and to cut out all the BS that the media likes to throw at any opportunity. Also, loved the questions and how you folks navigate it thru out the interview. The MJ Cast has grown so much and it shows. Rock On !
    All the best to the Jackson Family. R.I.P. Joe Jackson

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      We greatly appreciate your note, Gaston! Thank you. We were honored to have Taj on the show. -E

  3. Chris B.

    Masterful song selection of “To Make My Father Proud”. The lyric “If I don’t come up, number one” after the story from Taj was too perfect! Thanks for your hard work MJCast.

  4. Gail Hyde

    Thank you for doing such a loving tribute to Joe! Taj is to be commended for standing up for his family and telling the truth for all to hear. With all the Jackson family has been through they continue to always be gracious, humble and loving. The family should be viewed with such high regard for all they have accomplished. How fortunate we are to have the MJ Cast to always provide the truth!! Thank you for all you do.

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      Thank you for your kind note, Gail! We were very honored to have Taj join us, and we fully agree with you! Big respect, always, for the Jackson family. Thanks for your support! -E

  5. Des

    For me I wish Michael’s family stick together when he was alive ,and not only in death.We all know that some members of Michael’s family hurt him and I will love not just for Michael but for all of us that feeling that we call love it’s there to be given away so go ahead give your love don’t wait till it’s too late,because I felt with such a big family in an old age he was all alone.There is not doubt that Joe Jackson was very tough with his children,but his not the only one from that generation .I had similar experiences not that bad,but it was normal back then from my mum but it never bother me and I love my mum to death.But also the grandchildren know what they’ve been told,one thing living it and another someone tells you how it was.For me when it comes to Michael and his father the worst part is the emotional abuse and what he did to his mother and how they had to kept it secret ,you all know what am talking about,that is the worst part and I don’t blaming him at all ,no child should witness things like that.Any ways life goes on let’s let Joe Jackson rest in peace, and I wish Michael would have lived to (82).

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      Thanks for your note, Des. All families have their ups and downs of course, and even the Jacksons, who are a very famous family, have their ups and downs. They are human beings, after all. We would argue that the Jacksons have been very supportive of each other through the years, and Joe was there for Michael during particularly tough times in his life. We wish all of the Jackson family lots of love and strength. (We are sorry to hear that you had a difficult experience growing up.) Thanks for listening and engaging! -E

  6. Des

    Dear Elise,don’t get me wrong,no one is all good or all bad and the Jacksons private lives it’s not any of our business,but I can’t pretend that things didn’t happened.I believe we are all capable to forgive but that doesn’t mean we forget.Bother way I have been smacked from my mother like every other child,I will go home after the sun when down willed I knew the rules or I would not do my homework thinks like that,but I was never afraid of my mum . I feel that I had one of the best childhoods that you can imagine, and it doesn’t matter that I grew up in an environment that smacking was normal even from teachers I never touched my children.I got to know Michael Jackson through my son,we went to both is concerts here in Australia,my son touched Michael’s hat from the first concert but someone pulled it away from him ,he was devastated ,he was fourteen years old,that was it for us,it’s not just the music it’s the man behind the music. Sorry about my spelling mistakes but English is my second language.

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      I totally understand where you are coming from, Des. And how fantastic that you and your son went to see MJ in concert. I’m jealous, as I never got to see him live! (I’m sorry he didn’t get the hat, but pretty cool that he touched it!) Thanks again for your comments and your support, Des. -E

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