Episode 077 – Let’s Make HIStory Special with Brice Najar

Q flies solo today, welcoming returning guest Brice Najar back on the show, along with his wonderful wife, Laetitia Latouche. Brice is well-known in the Michael Jackson community for his books on The Jacksons and the King of Pop, but this discussion is focused on his most recent book, Let’s Make HIStory. Najar’s book goes into detail about the recording of Michael’s brilliant HIStory album. Based around interviews with key collaborators, the book is a comprehensive and fascinating look into the creation of a masterpiece.

Q, Brice, and Laetitia discuss what makes Let’s Make HIStory an important contribution to Michael Jackson literature, why the HIStory era is of particular significance, what it was like to interview collaborators, the process of getting this book published, and surprises that Brice discovered along the way. Brice and Laetitia also talk about MJ Music Day in France, and how that event came together.


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  1. Marina

    Hello from Canada,

    Technical question here … I wanted to download your new ep 77 today but I don’t see your ‘download’ option under the black bar anywhere to click on and ‘save as’. Is this method of accessing your podcasts no longer an option?
    Thank you.

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      Thank you for your question.
      We are making an effort to push our audience toward subscribing to the podcast (which is and will always be free) rather than downloading from the website. Subscribing really does help our podcast grow!
      You can easily subscribe through iTunes, if you’re on Apple, or through any podcatcher app, if you’re on Android. Also, episodes are available on YouTube.
      Let me know if this is helpful, or if you have other questions.
      Thank you very much for listening to The MJCast!

      1. Marina

        Thank you so much Elise for your kind response. I do not have access to the Apple and Android devices you mentioned which would appear to explain my dilemma. I see the ‘download’ link is back up on the website which is much appreciated by this ‘older’ and technologically-challenged MJ fan. You’ve indeed been very helpful. Thank you again!!
        All the best to you and the MJCast Team,

        1. Elise Capron Post author

          I’m glad to hear that the return of the Download option has been helpful to you!
          Thank you again for listening and for engaging with us. 🙂

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