133: Vindication Day Special With Carol LaMere

Carol LaMere joins hosts Jamon Bull and Charles Thomson for a special interview as part of the team’s series of Vindication Day episodes, which recognize Michael Jackson’s acquittal from false child molestation allegations on June 13th, 2005.

In this discussion, A-list hair stylist Carol LaMere reveals how she was hired by Michael Jackson after his Pepsi burn, to help create unnoticeable hairpieces that covered his injuries. Jackson’s fear of people finding out he required the hairpieces meant Carol became a secret member of his entourage, travelling separately from everyone else and staying in different locations. The job saw her travel the world with Michael and work on video shoots like “Black or White”, “Remember The Time” and “In The Closet”.

LaMere soon became a regular visitor at Neverland. She witnessed and became involved in – and was ultimately a recipient of – Michael Jackson’s philanthropic work with sick children and their families.

LaMere’s presence in Jackson’s world made her a first-hand witness to behind-the-scenes goings-on in both the Jordan Chandler case and the Gavin Arvizo case. She knew the Arvizos so well that Gavin’s sister used to stay in her house – a relationship which saw her added to the defense witness list. She provided bombshell testimony in two investigation reports.

After the trial, LaMere travelled with Jackson to the Middle East, England and Ireland – a period about which she shares her sometimes sad and shocking memories. She also shares her thoughts on Jackson’s death, and recounts their final conversation around two weeks earlier.

In this fascinating and powerful deep-dive chat, LaMere also speaks frankly about friction in Jackson’s camp, Jackson’s love of practical jokes, and how she is still mourning his death 12 years later.

This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.

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6 Replies to “133: Vindication Day Special With Carol LaMere”

  1. Des

    What a mess,don’t mix business with pleasure.How many of them had the privilege to work for him and then become friends and then bring the hole family and extend it family to the picture,it’s not just their fault it’s his too al of them got to leave the life of rich and famous it’s like he was paying for their love than we wanter why he had problems trusting people.In every interview of his there was always an invitation to Neverland .He had a big family even if there were problems they were his family better them than all these families especially his employees families you can tell from miles away that there was jealousy there too, everyone of them wanted to be first in his life .I read many of Karen Fayes twits and as much as I respect her for her loyalty sometimes she acts like she owns him.Sometimes she goes too far recently she said that Michael never loved Debby Row something very personal and nasty did she forget that they are children involved these are her children even if they relationship it’s not good she still there mother they have every right to say whatever they want but not her,and maybe the love Michael had for her or her for him was stronger than any romantic relationship,he trust her enough to have his children.She wants to feel that she was special to him and I don’t doubt that she was but people have different relationships with different people.Anyway thank you for another excellent show stay safe.

  2. Denise Purcell

    I was anxious to listen to this episode and was not disappointed. It was wonderful to hear some of Carol’s personal stories with MJ. I only wish that Karen would do the same, but I understand her point of view. Lisa Marie once said of Michael that he was an expert manipulator and I can’t help but wonder if he liked to play women against one another for the fun of it. If he can tell Lisa that Debbie would have his baby if she wouldn’t, then I suspect he could create much of the jealousy between his lady friends.

    Great episode guys!

    1. George

      Lisa saying that after MJ dumped him means nothing. The woman was bitter and revengeful as others whom MJ cut off
      The fact that MJ never said anything negative about her publicly while she went around trashing him says it all about the two who was classy and who wasn’t

      if MJ had been this expert manipulator he could have seen through people and he could not
      he allowed the most corrupt elements into his life without realizing they were corrupt

      Karen Faye sounds like she was jealous of every woman around MJ

      1. Susan

        Hi Jamon and Charles. Thank you for this absolutely incredible interview with Carol LaMere. I’m gonna give myself time to absorb and ponder all the memories she shared and then listen to it again.It is fantastic to hear from another person who worked so closely with him. I never knew anything about Carol his hair stylist because of Michael’s preference to keep her in the background due to his sensitivity to his scalp burn. The memories she shared were incredible and could only be told by someone so close to him.
        I now know why he seemed a bit off during the World Music Awards and why he came out late. It’s common knowledge now anongst the fans that he was a Jokester, but the stories she told about her and him egging celebrity cars, buckets of water on business men and let’s not forget him sneekily putting toilet paper at the back of her pants so it trailed behind her haha. Then she payed him back by smearing chocolate in his pants, so funny.
        Other points of interest 1. He never wore wigs but hairpieces with extensions 2. He was at his happiest in Bahrain 3. He saddly got addicted to pills in a big way after the trial because of his hurt over the accusations. Those accusations destroyed him. I could write more and more, but will leave it there x

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