120: I’ve Found Peace Within Myself

Damien Shields returns to The MJCast as a guest host, joining Elise for a jam-packed news and discussion episode! Damien is a long-time Friend of the Show, author, and Cascio tracks expert. The duo catches up on loads of updates in the world of Michael Jackson, including several new MJ-related books, a new podcast, updates on MJ One and the Robson/Safechuck hearings, Paris Jackson’s debut EP, lots of recently leaked MJ songs, amazing new content for fans from John Cameron, Marcos Cabota, Brad Sundberg, ?uestlove, Single White Glove—and much, much more. Plus, Damien and Elise discuss the Estate’s approach to HIStory25.

Discussion Topics
• New footage from the Bad World Tour live in Los Angeles 1988 has leaked.
• Single White Glove’s Heal the World video has premiered.
• MJFanGirl and The Detail have teamed up to release a new podcast called Michael Jackson Unspun. The latest episode is with Michael Bush’s assistant.
• Pez Jax’s book ‘The Story of HIStory’ is now available for pre-order, and will be officially released on July 20.
• Brice Najar has announced his new book, ‘Blood on the Dance Floor: Let’s Make HIStory in the Mix’.
• Dwayne Swingler, Neverland Valley Ranch supervisor has released a book.
• MJ Memorial Day Live happened on Facebook on June 25th, hosted by the King of Pop Events group. It featured interviews with Travis Payne, Jimmy Locust, Steven Paul Whitsitt and others. You can see the whole series of interviews here
• New Facebook group for online events and fan chat: Michael Jackson Book Club.
• MJ One is currently set to re-open in Las Vegas in early August. Meanwhile, Cirque du Soleil is over $1 billion in debt, and is seeking bankruptcy protection. They have laid off 3,500 employees, including Blue Man Group. However, all their non-touring shows plan to re-open as soon as they are allowed to do so.
• Marcos Cabota’s Sonic Fantasy documentary gets a trailer.
• Archival interviews of Michael Jackson’s children have been released on YouTube channel ‘Jacksonology‘, apparently created for a cancelled documentary about MJ.
• Soundflowers’ docuseries, ‘Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn’, streaming on Facebook through the summer. Plus, their debut EP has been released.
• Sia and Paris drama.
• Danny Wu’s Square One has been released on Amazon Prime.
• Charles Thomson has released his first podcast, called Shoebury’s Lost Boys, which details his decade long investigation into one of Britain’s most serious child sex abuse allegations cover-ups.
• Robson and Safechuck trial update. As predicted, Dan Reed was there filming.
• The Jacksons’ video for Can You Feel It gets released on YouTube, as well as Michael Jackson’s HIStory teaser.
• Original versions of some 2007 Ebony photoshoot pics have leaked.
• ?uestlove has streamed three massive Jackson family DJ experiences here, here and here. Full “Quarantine Live DJ Sets” playlist available here.
• John Cameron is about to release his latest episode of #JCsMusicology, which will focus on the Off The Wall era.
• Brad Sundberg has shared his ‘7 Songs, 7 Stories’ series on YouTube as a way to honour ‘MJ Week’ during COVID-19 restrictions.
• So…it’s been a bit leaky lately. See this channel.
• HIStory25 got the Dangerous25 treatment.

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• Damien’s excellent book, Michael Jackson: Songs & Stories From The Vault.

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3 Replies to “120: I’ve Found Peace Within Myself”

  1. Debbie Dale

    Damien, I just had to comment! I just LOVED your take on how Paris dealt with the fans and Sia and your own personal interpretation of that. I was like YES! You could be speaking my words! It was just a lovely piece in the podcast! Thank you!

  2. Think Logically

    I’m late, but I would like to comment on Swayne Swingler’s book since he was mentioned in episode 121 Swingler very likely did provide the proper context of the “boys” he claims he saw at Neverland.. Frank Cascio said aside from Omer Bhatti, Michael never had unrelated boys around after 1993. Even the Arizos were not around until Bashir set in motion the circumstances that led to Michael inviting them to Neverland to escape the media. They never shared a bed with Michael and the only time they were in the same room with him, Frank Cascio as well as Michael’s own kids were in the room the entire time. Franl Cascio was with Michael constantly at that time so I believe him when he says Michael did not have unrelated kids around like that and that he did take the proper precautions.

    Therefore the “boys” Swingler claims he saw were most likely Michael’s family members. I find it very deceptive that Swingler would use Michael having his own family visiting against him. For those who don’t know Michael helped raised several of his cousins children after their own fathers . These include Elijah Jackson, Anthony Jackson, Levon Jackson, Simone Jackson, Rijo Jackson, and many more. In fact Rijo Jackson and his sister Simone often stayed at Neverland during the short time Swingler worked there and Rijo is likely one of the “boys” Swingler saw and tried to scandalize in his book.

    It also needs to be said that it’s been confirmed by multiple different sources that its almost impossible to get an MJ book published without adding in something negative about him, so that right there is a strong motive for Swingler to add in the boy nonsense.

    1. think logically

      CORRECTION: Swingler very likely did NOT provide the proper context of the “boys” he claims he saw at Neverland.


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