109: Michael Trapson Special

Q and Jamon are joined by fellow Michael Jackson podcaster and host of Moonwalk Talks, Jankins, to interview none other than Dean Morrow Jr., AKA Michael Trapson. Trapson, has been releasing music since as early as 2010, but more recently has evolved into a director, videographer, filmmaker and recording engineer who brings to fruition creative reinterpretations of Michael Jackson as a southern rapper and trap artist, called Michael Trapson.

Catchy, hilarious, provocative and featuring incredible production value, Trapson has released a range of hit songs and videos that have garnered millions of clicks on YouTube. From ‘Billie Jean and I Dab’ and ‘If Michael Jackson Was a Mumble Rapper’ to his most recent work, the phenomenal ‘Trapson EO’, the MJ community just can’t get enough.

In this episode, Q, Jamon and Jankins interview Trapson about his fascinating career, Michael Jackson’s history and the reality of being a Michael Jackson fan in 2019.

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• The Jacksons Victory Tour Live in Dallas (1984)
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• Michael Trapson – All This Glow
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• Michael Trapson – New Vibration

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Episode 028 – Just the Two of Us

Episode 028 - Just the Two of Us Show Art

On Episode 028 of The MJCast, Jamon and Q discuss the latest news around Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. The guys kick things off by detailing Tito Jackson‘s new single Get It Baby (coming on May 17th), Mike Smallcombe‘s new book Making Michael and Lady Gaga‘s 30th birthday party, which featured a special MJ gift. Following this, a discussion around a pair of new OG Cano parody videos on what Michael Jackson trap music might sound like and an interesting Dangerous World Tour London leak thanks to MJ Beats. This episode’s main discussion topic focuses on Janet Jackson‘s explosive announcement! Thanks so much for listening to this episode of the internet’s premiere podcast on all things Michael Jackson and the Jackson family!


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Finds of the Week

  • Jamon – Janet Jackson’s All Nite Don’t Stop EP
  • Q –  This is a special request for a sick MJ fan. Fellow MJ fan Scott Devlin is about to go through four months of chemotherapy after having been diagnosed with cancer. Although the prognosis is good, let’s band together as a fan community and show him some L.O.V.E. Mail Scott something to show him how much the community is getting behind him and learn about his story here. You can mail Scott at…

Mr Scott Devlin
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