110: Thriller Night Special with Paul Black and Adam Green

Happy Thriller Night 2019! It’s the podcast team’s favorite night of the year, and, in this special episode, Q leads a deep dive discussion into Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and “Ghosts” short films. He’s joined by regular guest and film editor Paul Black, as well as first-time guest Adam Green, who is a well-known filmmaker, podcaster, and expert on the horror genre.

The guys discuss Paul and Adam’s professional backgrounds in the film world and how Jackson inspired aspects of their careers, as well as their memories of first seeing “Thriller” and “Ghosts”. Paul Black wins, as usual, for having the best “Ghosts” fan story ever! Their main discussion topic examines these two iconic short films from a filmmaking perspective: Paul and Adam compare filming techniques, cinematography, special effects, the different tone of each film, horror genre elements, what sort of impact they might have if they had been made today, and much more. For anyone interested in looking at these films from a technical perspective—or simply with the love of horror, or of Michael Jackson’s amazing creativity—this chat will be your ghoulish dream-come-true.

The MJCast wishes all of our listeners a great Thriller Night!

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Ad & Music Breaks
• Michael Jackson – 2Bad (Ghosts Mix)
• Michael Jackson – Ghosts (Early Version)
• Michael Jackson – Thriller 35th Anniversary (SWG Remastered Extended Mix)
• Scandroid – Thriller (Official Lyric Video)

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