Episode 053 – You Don’t Feel it Coming?

Episode 053 of The MJCast sees Jamon teaming up with co-host Charles Thomson and debut guest host Greg Spinks in Q’s absence. The boys begin the show by discussing follow-up around Paris Jackson’s debut as a television actress on Star and a brief update on the Cascio case. Headline news items include 3T’s retraction of their lawsuit against Radar Online, Jason Malachi’s return to the music scene, Tito Jackson’s new single, Kingvention 2017 and The Jacksons Glastonbury announcement. Jamon, Charles and Greg then discuss Michael’s alleged interest in playing Professor X in the X-Men movies, Paris Jackson presenting at the GLAAD Awards, Charles’ new favourite song by The Weeknd, new footage of Michael Jackson and finally HLN’s Michael Jackson episode of How It Really Happened. The main discussion topic of this episode is Greg Spinks’ history as an MJ fan and the previously untold story of his creation, the greatest Michael Jackson forum that ever was (in Jamon’s estimation), Maximum Jackson. We hope you enjoy this episode of the internet’s premiere podcast on all things Michael Jackson and the Jackson family.

Follow Up

  • Episode 053 of The MJCast is dedicated to the mother of Taj, Taryll and TJ Jackson, Dee Dee Jackson. Please consider making a donation to the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation in her honour.
  • Paris Jackson makes her TV acting debut on Star. See a brief interview with her here.
  • Vera Serova challenges Eddie Cascio, James Porte & Angelikson’s request for reimbursement of their legal fees. Relevant court documents are the March, 2017 docs here.


Main Discussion Topic

  • Greg Spinks’ history as a fan and the untold story behind Maximum Jackson

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Episodio 012 -  The New Michael Jackson Project

En el episodio 012 de The MJCast en Español, tenemos de invitado a Uriel Martínez de The New Michael Jackson Project. Uriel nos cuenta su historia como fan y cómo fue que creó su canal de YouTube para hablar sobre Michael Jackson. Hablamos sobre la tendencia actual de youtubers que hablan de MJ, y la responsabilidad de investigar para compartir información fidedigna. Además, te contamos de la entrevista que Michael Prince (ingeniero de audio de Michael) otorgó a nuestros compañeros de The MJCast en inglés. Te sorprenderá saber sobre las últimas grabaciones en las que trabajó Michael. En las noticias, Paris Jackson en el Tonight Show con Jimmy Fallon, y la entrevista de Brooke Shields donde habló sobre Michael y Joe Jackson. Por último, te hablamos sobre el material inédito grabado en el set de In The Closet y que recién se compartió.
Esperamos que disfrutes este episodio tanto como nosotros.

Brad Buxer, Michael Prince, Ale, Marisa, Bryan Vibberts y Brad Sundberg en MJU, Junio 2016


Brooke habla sobre MJ y sobre Joseph

Tema Principal

  • La historia de Uriel y The New Michael Jackson Project
  • Los YouTubers y vloggers que hablan de MJ

Best of Joy

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  • Michael Jackson – Best Of Joy (Acoustic) by Nick* & CCMC
  • Michael Jackson – Human Nature (Stripped Multitrack Mix) | (Alternate Vocals)

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