072: Season Three Christmas Special

Once again it’s time for Jamon and Q to wrap up the current season of The MJCast podcast, have a little break to recharge, and then come back with our next season in the new year. Without you all tuning in to our little podcast, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, so thank-you for listening!

Jamon and Q start this episode with a wrap up of the past year at The MJCast and it’s been a big one! They share their favourite moments as it proves too hard to pick just one each.

The boys then offer their final news segment for 2017, covering Paris Jackson’s covershoot and interview for L’uomo Vogue, the recent trademark filings of the Michael Jackson Estate and 2018 concert date announcement for 3T in Italy and France before hearing directly from Jackson Family Correspondent Janneke of Jackson Source about Jermaine Jackson sharing the stage with his sons Jaafar and Jermajesty. Jaafar Jackson also features in the current issue of D’Scene magazine. Wrapping up 2017 news, the fellas cover the recent announcement that The Estate and Sony have extended their business partnership results in an expected response from MJ fans the world over and the newly released Blood on the Dancefloor X Dangerous extended mix. Ending on some good news, Jamon and Q explore the latest development in the Wade Robson molestation allegation court case, which has resulted in a dismissal!

Our Season Three highlights reel features clips from our special episodes this year, with appearances by Tito Jackson, Michael Prince, CJ DeViller, Remixed by Nick*, Ryan Michaels and Charles Thomson, Isabelle Petitjean, Brice Najar, Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett, Vincent Paterson, Hector Barjot, Joseph Vogel, Ola Ray, and most recently, Andy Healy, and Chris Lacy. Then, what’s next for The MJCast? Jamon and Q drop some hints!

Again, thank-you for your support and listenership of The MJCast, it’s been a heck of a ride this year, but we appreciate you being with us for the journey, and look forward to bringing you a new season in 2018. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, and best wishes for a wonderful 2018 new year!

Follow Up
Year in review
‘How Michael should be remembered’ segment now shifting to June 25th episodes

Paris Jackson follows in her father’s footsteps and works with L’uomo Vogue for a photoshoot
• Michael Jackson’s estate files a trademark application for the phrase “Neverland Ranch” for a number of entertainment services, including a museum
Apple’s CEO & founder Steve Jobs loved listening to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean while doing photoshoots, according to former publicist
3T are set to perform live in Naples on Michael Jackson Day 2017 and Paris, in September of 2018
Jermaine Jackson performs with sons on stage in the Netherlands at the Max Proms event
Exclusive interview with Jafaar Jackson in D’Scene Magazine
Michael Jackson Estate and Sony Music extend partnership
• Listen to an extended version of the Blood on the Dance Floor X Dangerous (The White Panda Extended Mix)
Wade Robson’s child molestation allegations have been thrown out of court by Judge Beckloff

Season Three Highlights
Episode 050 – Tito Jackson Special
• Episode 052 – Michael Prince Special
• Episode 054 – CJ DeVillar Special
• Episode 058 – Vindication Day Special (Pirates in Neverland: The Michael Jackson Allegations)
• Episode 059 – June 25th Special with Isabelle Petitjean and Brice Najar
• Episode 061 – Jonathan ‘Sugarfoot’ Moffett Special
• Episode 064 – Vincent Paterson Special 
• Episode 065 – Hector Barjot Special
• Episode 067 – Joseph Vogel Special
• Episode 068 – Thriller Night Special with Ola Ray
• Episode 071 – MJ101 Special: Bad 30

Music Breaks & Ads
Jackson 5 – Up on the House Top (DJ Spinna Re-Edit)
• 3T – I Need You (Christmas Mix)
• Jackson 5 – Someday at Christmas (Stripped Mix)
• La Toya Jackson sings Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer

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058: Vindication Day Special (Pirates in Neverland: The Michael Jackson Allegations)

As far back as he can remember, Ryan was a Michael Jackson fan. He was just five years old when the Dangerous album came out but vividly remembers watching the Black or White music video upon its release in America. In his teenage years he became an active member of the Michael Jackson internet fan community where, in his 20s, he got to know Charles Thomson.

After Michael’s death, Ryan withdrew somewhat from the fan community. Today he lives in Tokyo, where he works for several companies and, in his spare time, hosts the podcast Reason Bound. The show is all about logic and critical thought; what people believe, why they believe it and the importance of being able to recognise good and bad arguments. Each week he and a guest discuss these points in relation to a particular hot topic.

Charles’ life also now revolves around logic and critical thought. Since Michael’s death he has become an award-winning newspaper journalist, investigating issues and weighing evidence on a daily basis, in addition to regularly reporting on criminal trials.

A few months back, Ryan invited his old friend Charles onto Reason Bound. He appeared in episode seven, where they discussed the justice system and the importance of preserving the presumption of innocence. Given their history, the two of them naturally referred to the Michael Jackson trial several times during the show.

After the recording was finished, Ryan felt there was a lot more to be said about the Michael Jackson case. He invited Charles back onto the show to do something neither of them had ever seen done before – to record a podcast where the two of them would discuss the child abuse allegations leveled at Michael Jackson during the latter half of his career – from their inception in 1993 through to his 2005 trial – within the context of Reason Bound’s usual parameters; looking at what people believe, why they believe it, and the importance of being able to recognise good and bad arguments. They would discuss the evidence in an unemotional way, testing the theories and arguments of bother Michael Jackson’s fans and his detractors.

Given Charles’ continuing work with The MJCast, Jamon and Q were given a sneak preview loved the show so much they decided they wanted to air it too. So for the second time in The MJCast’s history we are simulcasting with another show. We are proud to present, for our third annual Vindication Day Special, episode 10 of Reason Bound, titled ‘Pirates in Neverland: The Michael Jackson Allegations’.

The show goes live today on both The MJCast’s channel and Reason Bound’s. We thank Ryan for working with us on this episode and we encourage you to head over to iTunes and check out some more of his thought-provoking episodes.

Reason Bound on iTunes
• Reason Bound on YouTube and Twitter
• You can email Reason Bound to ReasonBoundPodcast@gmail.com
• Charles Thomson’s Facebook, Twitter and website
• Charles Thomson’s One of the Most Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History article
• The MJCast’s – Episode 010: Vindication Day 10th Anniversary Special with Tom Mesereau. Listen to this special interview with Michael’s lead defence attorney, Tom Mesereau.
• The MJCast’s – Episode 005: Kerry Anderson Special. Listen to this special interview with Michael’s Director of Security during the time of his mid 2000’s trial.
• The MJCast’s – Episode 033 – Vindication Day Special with Scott Ross. Listen to this special interview with Tom Mesereau’s go-to private investigator, who was crucial to the defence team’s success at Michael’s trial.

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