075: I’m a Strange Guy

Welcome to Season Four of The MJCast! After a long (but much-needed!) winter break, hosts Jamon and Q are excited to be back to discuss everything that’s been happening in the world of Michael Jackson and the Jackson family, and to look ahead to the year to come. The guys kick things off by discussing Paramount Network’s Lip Sync Battle: Michael Jackson Celebration, Paris Jackson’s ‘soundtrack to her life’, and the Kickstarter campaign for the Moonwalkers documentary, which explores the world of MJ tribute artists. And, looking ahead to events happening in 2018, British fans can check out the London Portrait Gallery’s ‘On the Wall’ exhibition, while fans around the world can see The Jacksons, who have announced new concert dates, and 3T, who will be attending the 5th Annual MJ Day in Paris on August 29th, as well as performing on September 1st. Plus, Janet Jackson will perform alongside MJ luminary Teddy Riley at the Essence Festival happening this July. To round this segment of the show out, Q offers a touching reflection on the late MJ fan, Mustafa.

As they launch this new season, Jamon and Q also have some exciting announcements. Going forward, the team is expanding with correspondents, several of whom you’ve heard on previous episodes. They will be the official reporters on particular aspects of MJ news, history, and the fan community, and will be involved in episodes regularly. Two featured correspondents on this episode include Steven Hodges of Michael Jackson Fans For Charity (MJFFC) and Janneke van der Linden of Jackson Source. And, the team is pleased to announce that Elise Capron has joined The MJCast as Web Assistant. Her work will be focused around shownotes, and you’ll also be seeing her on social media, so feel free to say hi! Elise tells her fan story and talks a bit about the market for MJ-related books. Plus, Q covers his recent visit to the MJ HIStory statue in the Netherlands, and his visit with Janneke van der Linden of Jackson Source.

Paramount Network launches with Lip Sync Battle: Michael Jackson Celebration
• Paris Jackson creates the soundtrack to her life
Moonwalkers documentary on Kickstarter
• London Portrait Gallery ‘On the Wall’ exhibition coming to London
• The Jacksons have a range of upcoming concert dates
• 3T to perform in Paris on the 1st of September after attending the 5th annual ‘MJ Day’ on August 29th
• Janet Jackson to perform at 2018’s Essence Festival from the 5th – 8th of July
• Mustafa’s story

Main Discussion Topic
Introducing some of The MJCast Correspondents! More to come next episode…
• Legal Correspondent – Charlie Thomson
• Jackson Family Correspondent – Janne Van Der Linden of Jackson Source
• Charity Correspondent – Steven Hodges of MJ Fans for Charity
• Live Performance Correspondent – Anthony King
• Elise Capron’s fan story
• Q’s travel stories

Finds of the Week
Jamon – Michael Jackson – Ride With Me
• Q – Brittany Spanos’ Rolling Stone article; How Michael and Janet Jackson created the New Black Rock Star
Elise – Joseph Vogel’s new article in The Guardian; Black and White: How Dangerous Kicked off Michael Jackson’s Race Paradox and Bryan Alexander’s USA Today article on Paris Jackson in the new film; Gringo

Additional Links
Elise Capron’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages
• Episode 073 – Season Three Mixtape
• Episode 074 – J Q&A
• Episode 058 – Vindication Day Special (Pirates in Neverland: The Michael Jackson Allegations)
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• Jaafar Jackson’s a cappella vocal video on Instagram
• Moonwalk Talks – Episode 027: “Moonwalkers Documentary” via the web and Apple Podcasts
• Episode 054 – CJ DeVillar Special

Music Breaks & Ads
Michael Jackson – Workin’ Day and Night (SWG Extended Mix)
• Michael Jackson – In The Closet (KaiD’s 80’s Remix)
• Brandy – It’s Not Worth It (feat. Michael Jackson)

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058: Vindication Day Special (Pirates in Neverland: The Michael Jackson Allegations)

As far back as he can remember, Ryan was a Michael Jackson fan. He was just five years old when the Dangerous album came out but vividly remembers watching the Black or White music video upon its release in America. In his teenage years he became an active member of the Michael Jackson internet fan community where, in his 20s, he got to know Charles Thomson.

After Michael’s death, Ryan withdrew somewhat from the fan community. Today he lives in Tokyo, where he works for several companies and, in his spare time, hosts the podcast Reason Bound. The show is all about logic and critical thought; what people believe, why they believe it and the importance of being able to recognise good and bad arguments. Each week he and a guest discuss these points in relation to a particular hot topic.

Charles’ life also now revolves around logic and critical thought. Since Michael’s death he has become an award-winning newspaper journalist, investigating issues and weighing evidence on a daily basis, in addition to regularly reporting on criminal trials.

A few months back, Ryan invited his old friend Charles onto Reason Bound. He appeared in episode seven, where they discussed the justice system and the importance of preserving the presumption of innocence. Given their history, the two of them naturally referred to the Michael Jackson trial several times during the show.

After the recording was finished, Ryan felt there was a lot more to be said about the Michael Jackson case. He invited Charles back onto the show to do something neither of them had ever seen done before – to record a podcast where the two of them would discuss the child abuse allegations leveled at Michael Jackson during the latter half of his career – from their inception in 1993 through to his 2005 trial – within the context of Reason Bound’s usual parameters; looking at what people believe, why they believe it, and the importance of being able to recognise good and bad arguments. They would discuss the evidence in an unemotional way, testing the theories and arguments of bother Michael Jackson’s fans and his detractors.

Given Charles’ continuing work with The MJCast, Jamon and Q were given a sneak preview loved the show so much they decided they wanted to air it too. So for the second time in The MJCast’s history we are simulcasting with another show. We are proud to present, for our third annual Vindication Day Special, episode 10 of Reason Bound, titled ‘Pirates in Neverland: The Michael Jackson Allegations’.

The show goes live today on both The MJCast’s channel and Reason Bound’s. We thank Ryan for working with us on this episode and we encourage you to head over to iTunes and check out some more of his thought-provoking episodes.

Reason Bound on iTunes
• Reason Bound on YouTube and Twitter
• You can email Reason Bound to ReasonBoundPodcast@gmail.com
• Charles Thomson’s Facebook, Twitter and website
• Charles Thomson’s One of the Most Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History article
• The MJCast’s – Episode 010: Vindication Day 10th Anniversary Special with Tom Mesereau. Listen to this special interview with Michael’s lead defence attorney, Tom Mesereau.
• The MJCast’s – Episode 005: Kerry Anderson Special. Listen to this special interview with Michael’s Director of Security during the time of his mid 2000’s trial.
• The MJCast’s – Episode 033 – Vindication Day Special with Scott Ross. Listen to this special interview with Tom Mesereau’s go-to private investigator, who was crucial to the defence team’s success at Michael’s trial.

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