123: The Story of HIStory Special with Pez Jax

Pez Jax joins host Elise Capron for a discussion about his new book, The Story of HIStory, as part of The MJCast’s continued celebration around #HIStory25. Pez is a long-time Michael Jackson fan, a Marketing Director, writer, and book author based in London. He runs the media group, Sixteen11, with Sebastian Mille, and, through that company, has produced and published a range of Michael Jackson products for fans, including Iconic Magazine and his first book, Off The Wall: From The Beginning – Brick by Brick. In 2019, Pez wrote the article “Why you should play Michael Jackson’s music more now than ever before”, which received international print and television press coverage. Pez is also co-founder of the well-known Michael Jackson Fan Club, MJVibe.com, and has been hosting the London-based Michael Jackson fan convention, Kingvention, for several years. The Story of HIStory is Pez’s newest book, which published in both English and French editions this summer.

In this discussion, Pez and Elise chat about the creation of his book, the joys and challenges along the way, some of the best and most surprising tidbits he discovered, and the lasting legacy of Michael Jackson’s “HIStory” album. They also discuss Pez’s history as a fan, what it’s like to be a content creator in the fan community, the truth around a certain controversy, and they speculate on the future of MJ fandom.

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• Purchase Pez Jax’s The Story of HIStory here, available in both English and French editions.

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Episode 037 – The Land of the Piñata

Episode 037 - The Land of the Piñata Show Art

Join The MJCast crew on Episode 037 as they launch their new sister show The MJCast en Español. Sandra De la Vega joins Jamon and Q along with returning guests Jason Garcia and Ale Huerta to introduce the world to their brand new show, a version of The MJCast for Spanish speaking listeners. To begin the show, Charles Thomson calls in to discuss Michael Jackson’s nephews filing a lawsuit against Radar Online and his experiences at the recent MJ On The Wall art exhibition in London. Following this, the team discusses a never-before-seen but recently leaked fourteen and a half minute version of Michael’s short film The Way You Make me Feel, new footage from Ghosts, new Dangerous era footage of Michael, an update on the Sony/ATV catalogue sale, Diana Walczak‘s HIStory statue being unveiled at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and finally Taryll Jackson‘s imminent solo music project. The main discussion topic for this episode is Sandra’s fan story and of course discussion around the new podcast from The MJCast, The MJCast en Español.


  • Michael Jackson’s nephews file a libel lawsuit against Radar Online. Read the complaint here.
  • A never-before-seen 14:28 version of Michael Jackson’s short film for The Way You Make Me Feel has leaked.
  • New footage from Ghosts has leaked.
  • New Dangerous era Michael Jackson footage has leaked.
  • Sony wins unconditional approval for Sony/ATV sale.
  • Diana Walczak‘s HIStory statue unveiling at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.
  • Taryll Jackson‘s new solo music project is launching on his Birthday, August 8th.

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