160: Clearing the Runway

Taj Jackson joins Charles Thomson for a deep-dive discussion around updates in his life and work. The guys talk about developments with Taj’s docuseries on Michael Jackson, “Re-Righting History”, as well as the upcoming MJ biopic, the recent Robson/Safechuck ruling, Leaving Neverland 2, Taj’s insights regarding his interactions with fans, the exciting recent expansion of his family with the birth of his third daughter, and much more.

This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.

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159: E Q&A

It’s been a minute since we did a Q&A, MJFam! Elise Capron is usually the one asking the questions, but in this episode, she takes a turn in the hot seat, and answers a wide range of questions submitted by listeners, covering everything from her fan history and personal MJ picks, to thoughts on the biopic, Estate projects, her podcast guest wish-list, behind-the-scenes of The MJCast, and much more. Huge thanks to all of you who sent in submissions! It is a reminder of what a great fan community we have.

Simonpaulwilkie (Instagram)
1) Brave! 🔥 As a long time lover of the show, I’d love to know what it was like going from listener to presenter. Any surprises in how the show is put together and what it takes to make an episode. I couldn’t think of any way to say thank you better than contributing my own time to something I adore so much. Keep it up! ❤️

Xollophoto (Instagram)
2) What are all the Michael Jackson-related places you’ve visited (i.e. Thriller house) and what’s your favorite?

Charlie Carter (Twitter)
3) What is your favourite MJ song and why is it Just Good Friends?

Dane Thomson (Twitter)
4) Why is the Bad era your favourite?

Mumofsuperstars (Instagram)
5) Have you met any of the Jackson family 🙂

Etebeye (Instagram)
6) Elise, which of Michael’s concert tours do you wish to go back in time for and watch live?

Etebeye (Instagram)
7) Which movie character, past or present, would Michael have been a good fit?

Etebeye (Instagram)
8) Was Michael cool or a dud in your school growing up?

Sanja1980 (Instagram)
9) First of all thanks for all your hard work on the show! Questions: who was your favorite special guest so far and who do you wish you could interview for the show in the future?

JayKay0603 (Twitter)
10) Who are some special guests you would like to come on the show in the future, and if given the opportunity who would YOU personally like to interview if they ever came on?

JayKay0603 (Twitter)
11) And another MJ question if that’s okay, if you could be on the set of only ONE of Michael’s short films, which one would it be and why?

Genesta Coleman (Twitter)
12) Love the MJ cast ❤️👑♥️ why you don’t have a live stream ? And a call in show so MJ fans can talk openly about different topics ? 🤗🤗 Thank you so much for coming into my life.

Constantinos Isaias (Threads)
13) With no limitations, which one could have been your favorite special guests that you have like to interview?

Q (Threads)
14) Oh cool! Hello over here on peaceful Threads! I’d like to know what would be your Top 3 dream guests (living or passed.).

Q (Threads)
15) Cheeky second question(s), with talk of a director calling out Captain EO as prime material for a feature film, (I personally don’t see this happening but it could be fun), tell us about your first ever Captain EO experience, and if it ever became available as a physical product (it won’t), what would you include in the package?

Porter Wolff (email)
16) If you had a wish-list for future MJCAST Specials, who would be your top 5? Mine would be Buz Kohan, Freddie DeMann, Gary Hearne, Bill Bottrell and Nick Brandt.

Momowelz65 (Instagram)
17) What is your favourite Michael Jackson estate project, the MJ musical not included?

Xuedan Wang (Instagram)
18) Is the MJ One fan brunch on Michael’s birthday worth going to?

Joshua Klein (email) – Tucson, Arizona, USA
19) Hello Elise and the rest of The MJCast, been binging a lot of episodes for the past year now and I love the show and have been keeping up with new episodes ever since. I’ve heard plenty of discussions around everyone’s feelings towards the MJ estate and in some ways I completely agree with some of the opinions given. But as a casual fan of Michael, is it morally wrong to also buy new products/attend estate hosted events such as the birthday celebrations in Las Vegas? I like Michael and look forward to anything they put out, but sometimes I feel like I’m on a see-saw. Anyways thank you for taking the time to see my question, keep up the amazing work you all are doing and keep Michael-ing!

Porter Wolff (email)
20) If you had creative control of the estate, what would be the one project you would make and what would it include? A new album, short film boxset, album deluxes, a concert release?

Porter Wolff (email)
21) It’s been mentioned that an Estate Roundtable episode has been in the works, any update on if that is still the case?

Porter Wolff (email)
22) Do you know the level of completion for songs like “Buffalo Bill” and “Make or Break”, which are bad era tracks made with John Barnes. What about “Rich Girl”, which was made with Brad Buxer during history.

Porter Wolff (email)
23) You went to a seminar where John Barnes spoke, were there any stories he told there that you were unable to ask during his special episode? (Note to Porter: I fully intend to follow up on this question down the road! -E)

Jace Bain / MixingHistory (Instagram)
24) You’re writing the upcoming MJ biopic; how do you open and w/ what song?

Evaeva7 (Instagram)
25) And how would you close it and with what song?

Sydni Taylor (email)
26) Are you excited for the biopic? As a fan, I fear that the media will mock and pick at it the minute a trailer is released, I also fear that these movements for victims would have something to say, hell I wouldn’t be surprised if people protest against the film when it’s time for theatrical release, people protested against Victor Salva’s film which I understood because he was actually guilty, but MJ isn’t but some people aren’t open to hearing that he’s innocent, I also fear the other film directors will get the idea to make a negative movie about MJ.

Sue Vick Finley (Instagram)
27) Someone just told me MJ had surgery to keep his voice high. I don’t believe that is true, but I didn’t know how to definitively say there is proof.

Sue Vick Finley (Instagram)
28) We just saw MJ the Musical. There was a part where he was signing papers to leverage Neverland against the dangerous tour. Did something like that really happen?

Sue Vick Finley (Instagram)
29) Black Music Archive: the voice the singing the explained Michael Jackson. Have you seen this. Is it a source to be trusted?

Sue Vick Finley (Instagram)
30) Any news on how Taj’s project is coming?

Sue Vick Finley (Instagram)
31) How can I watch Sonic Fantasy? It doesn’t seem to be on any platform for the average person to watch it. Thanks for all the wonderful work you all do on this podcast!

Cindy Messina (Instagram)
32) What are your thoughts on the new MJ podcast called Think Twice?

Sue Vick Finley (Instagram)
33) I recently read that Lisa Marie was a scientologist. Do you know anything about that play a role in their marriage?

Freakinuhmazin (Twitter)
34) Why do you think no one ever talks about how Lisa and Michael kept getting back together and breaking up for four more years after their divorce? I think it’s awesome that they kept clapping cheeks. 😂😁

Gsingh1385 (Instagram)
35) Would it be possible to do a round table on the Living with Michael Jackson documentary?

Sydni Taylor (email)
36) Does anyone know if Prince Jackson is still interested in being a film director?

Also, big thanks to Italian_to_go for questions on the allegations, Andrew for questions on State of Shock, and Heli Tenhunen for question about Michael Jackson’s personal believes. All of these questions were left out of this episode because Elise decided they were either better addressed by another team member, and/or should be saved for a longer discussion on a future episode!

This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.

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• TheMJCast 099: Leaving Neverland Q&A
• TheMJCast130: An Evening With Charlie and Jamon
• TheMJCast147: The Big British Q&A

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155: Just Me and Two Charlies

Charlie Thomson and Charlie Carter join host Jamon Bull for a round-up of all the latest news in the world of Michael Jackson, in this first regular episode of Season Nine. The guys discuss major updates happening with “MJ: The Musical” as well as the MJ biopic, new music from Paris Jackson and Tito Jackson, distressing developments around MJ’s music catalogue, a new Janet Jackson documentary, and more. Plus, they hash out their thoughts around the online abuse Taj Jackson has recently suffered.

This episode was edited by Jamon Bull.

Discussion Topics
• “MJ: The Musical” coming to London, and looking for a new Michael Jackson
• Friend of the Show Harrison Funk has sadly suffered a stroke.
• Janet Jackson is working on new documentary called “Family Time”.
• Just Blaze has revealed there is an unreleased Michael Jackson and Jay-Z collaboration.
• Paris Jackson has released a new song, “Bandaid”, and Tito has released a new song, called “Make Your Mind Up”.
• Production for the official biopic, “Michael”, is underway, and Jaafar Jackson is set to play the role of his uncle.
• Thriller Night will not take place this year, due to the filming of the biopic.
• The Michael Jackson Estate is aiming to sell a portion of Michael Jackson’s catalogue, a move that Katherine Jackson has objected to.
• Taj and Thayana Jackson are having their third child.
• Taj Jackson continues to cop ongoing bullying and abuse.

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130: An Evening With Charlie and Jamon

It’s been far too long since The MJCast had a good old fashioned Q&A episode, so the team is bringing this format back with host Jamon Bull and everyone’s favorite Brit, Charles Thomson! The guys received over 80 questions, with no topics barred, covering everything from their favorite songs, to fan experiences, to insights on legal proceedings. We so appreciate all of our MJ Fam who submitted questions (and wish we could have gotten to each and every question), and hope you enjoy this fascinating, deep-dive chat about all things MJ!

“The Pale Prince of Peculiarity”
1) Can you tell us what you know about MJ‘s relationship with Sony? What went wrong and why did he hate them so much at the end of his life? It‘s a really confusing topic for me.

2) If the planet was about to be blown up by an evil super villain, and the only way to save humanity was for Charles Thomson to perform either Heal The World, The Lost Children or I Just Can’t Stop Loving You – which one would he choose?

Neil G
3) There have been reports of a MJ movie in the works. Is this a good idea? If so, who should play Michael?

Tom Rujitermann
4) Do you think it’s possible that Taj’s series could change the minds of many people? Or do you feel Michael has been so dehumanised that people will never be able to see past what the media portrays?

Curtis Roberton
5) Invincible is Michael’s last album and probably worst in eyes of a lot of people. But for me, it’s one of his best. I have friends who aren’t MJ fans and I have shown them the Invincible album and they think it’s amazing and start downloading the album, almost like a lost MJ album. What positives can you say about Invincible?
6) During This Is It, there are moments where MJ looks fragile and ill, like the start of The Way You Make Me Feel. Later on, when MJ is in the blue, he looks on top form, same with They Don’t Care About Us–he looks great and on form? Why is this?

Gillian Rice
7) How often does Charles listen to Michael’s music? And what are his top 3 songs?

8) Can you tell us what you know about all of the aftermath of Michael’s injuries during the 1999 concert? Like medically, how was he treated, how did people around him respond to it, and more?
9) Do you think Dan Egghead Reed Is going to make Leaving Neverland 2?

10) Do you like John Branca, and tell me all the reasons why not?

11) Were you surprised that the court dismissed the James Safechuck lawsuit?

12) Any idea why MJ used to let Prince have his hair bleached at such a young age? Always wondered and unsure if it has ever been answered. Very young age to colour a child’s hair. Maybe the freedom of expression he allowed his children behind closed doors?

13) Are you ever going to do the estate roundtable episode you’ve been teasing us with for years?

Genevieve Castello Branco
14) Marcos Cabota’s documentary “Sonic Fantasy” is completed, but he’s facing legal issues to release it. Any details about such legal issues, which probably involve Bruce Swedien’s estate?

15) Off the Wall or Purple Rain?

Captain Blackthorne
16) Which song has Michael’s most impressive vocal performance? My vote it for Earth Song or Billie Jean.
17) Do we know any details about the “lost classical album” that Michael worked on before his passing?

Marni Cochrane
18) Dear Charles, what is the most interesting or surprising thing you learnt about MJ, his life and/or his work while working on the documentary with Taj and other collaborators, which was totally new to you?

19) How do we manage that Jamon and Elise will be invited to the next Halloween party hosted by the Jackson family?

Dane Thomson
20) What has shaped your views on life throughout your years?

21) If MJ Estate approached you with an olive branch and ask for your help and input, what are the top 5 list of things that you like to immediately work on and do?

“Billie Jean”
22) Which MJCast special episode is your favorite why?

23) Top 5 guests who you would love to interview in the near future?
24) Would you like one day to create your own visual documentary to combine all your special interviews?

25) Out of each of Michael’s full length solo albums (OTW, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory and Invincible), could you choose 1 track which is your personal favourite, and on the other hand, an unreleased demo or outtake song which could replace your least favourite track on each album – with short explanations as to why.

“James Brown”
26) Does anyone know what happened to the Vogue documentary that had a preview on YouTube and why it was never released?
27) How do you feel about supposed friends of MJ such as Quincy, some of the Ross family, etc, still openly supporting Oprah? Or do you think Oprah is just so big that it’s career suicide to come out against her?

Kieran Kibble
28) What are your top 3 MJ short films and why? Thanks for all the work you guys do in supporting Michael’s legacy.

29) What motivates you both to still remain active in the MJ fan community all these years later?

30) If you had to choose one documentary/book that captures the whole essence of Michael Jackson, which one would it be?

31) If you had a time machine and could make two trips to the past, one to any MJ performance and one to any moment in Michael’s life where you could use your time to speak with him personally (and maybe warn him of certain things), which moments in time would you choose?

Debi T
32) How do you as hosts of The MJCast who have interviewed several members of the Jackson family feel about reports coming from the bodyguards, Randall Sullivan, and others that Michael’s family were a bunch of grifters during his life and after his death?

Mira Kontar
33) What are the best arguments to make when discussing Michael’s status as the greatest entertainer? I see weak arguments like he makes people faint or he can just stand there and entertain us, which doesn’t hold when discussing skill-set. I have my own answer, but I’d like to hear yours.

Dexter Williams
34) Between catching snippets of the Chauvin trial on television, and seeing discourse and comments about it on social media, I’ve wondered what effect having filmed MJ’s 2005 trial would have had. Do you think, in hindsight, that filming/broadcasting the 2005 trial on television would have hurt or harmed MJ’s reputation as far as the general public is concerned?

Shawn Clarence
35) If you had access to Michael’s vault and could release ONE Definitive Project, what would part/parts of Michael would you showcase and why?
36) Jamon, if you could sit in the studio and watch Michael record a song what would it be?

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• The MJCast 063: Q Q&A
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The MJCast 099: Leaving Neverland Q&A

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113: Season Five Christmas Special

It’s that time of year when Jamon, Q and Elise come together to celebrate the holidays and reflect on the year that was…it’s The MJCast’s annual Christmas Special!

The team wraps up Season Five (a season filled-to-the-brim with major highs and lows) with discussion of developments in the world of Michael Jackson, including updates on the MJ biopic, the Estate’s 2020 MJ Broadway musical, as well as a bizarre and potentially very negative MJ-inspired musical told from the perspective of his glove, and much more. The MJCast Correspondents also chime in with news on charity efforts, Janet Jackson, the Jackson family, and more.

It’s been a whirlwind year, and a tough one for many in the worldwide Jackson fan community. And yet, as the trio revisits clips from Season Five Specials and reflects on the past year, it is clear that this has also been The MJCast’s best season ever, with incredible guests, and a real sense of love and community.

This is Q’s final episode as a regular host of The MJCast. Q has been integral to the identity of the show since its inception, and he will be missed. Jamon and Elise send their love and thanks for all of Q’s contributions as well as his friendship. And not to worry, listeners: Q will appear on The MJCast in the future, just less regularly. There will be Q-rants to come in 2020 and beyond!

We want to thank our listeners for all your support throughout the year and hope that you enjoy our episodes coming up in Season 6! Happy holidays, #MJFam!

• A Michael Jackson biopic is reportedly in the works, from Bohemian Rhapsody producer Graham King.
• A very strange stage musical, For the Love of the Glove, supposedly based on Jackson’s life, is opening in Los Angeles in January.
• Ephraim Sykes has been cast in the MJ role for the upcoming Broadway show, “MJ: The Musical.” (Skykes’ recent interview in Rolling Stone.)
• The French MJ fan lawsuit against ‘Leaving Neverland’ has been postponed due to strikes.
• The Game recalls the time when Michael Jackson called him to work on a collaboration with 50 Cent.
• The MJ Estate settles with Disney over ‘The Last Days of Michael Jackson’.

Season Five Highlights
• Episode 097 – Bill Whitfield Special
• Episode 100 – Brad Buxer Special
Episode 101 – Taryll Jackson Special
Episode 103 – Vindication Day Special with Larry Nimmer
Episode 104 – June 25th Special with Jenny Winings
Episode 107 – Allan ‘Big Al’ Scanlan Special
Episode 109 – Michael Trapson Special
Episode 110 – Thriller Night Special with Paul Black and Adam Green

Main Discussion Topic
• A year in review.
• The MJCast’s official interview with Q, as he reflects on five seasons as co-host.
• What’s to come in Season 6.

Finds of the Week
• Jamon – New rehearsal footage from MJ’s 30th Anniversary concert.
• Q – ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’ gets a brand new official video.
• Elise – MJ-inspired art by Miguel Wilson, including a very cool Thriller shirt available for sale.

Correspondent Appearances
Steven Hodges of MJFFC (Charity Correspondent)
Janneke van der Linden of Jackson Source (Jackson family Correspondent)
Courtney and Kam of Janet Today, Janet Tomorrow, Janet Forever podcast (Janet Jackson Correspondent)
Charles Thomson (Legal Correspondent)

Ads & Music Breaks
Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (Nick Party People Remix)
Michael Jackson – Another Part of Me (Regrooved Fire Remix)
Michael Jackson – BEATiCURE (The King of artPOP by Robin Skouteris)

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