084: Judith Hill Special

Jamon and Charles host this week’s episode, and welcome a very special guest to the show; Grammy Award-winning soul and R&B star Judith Hill. Judith first captured the world’s attention in 2009, when she performed at Michael Jackson’s Staples Centre memorial service. Prior to Michael’s passing, she had been selected as the lead female soloist in Michael’s band for his ‘This Is It’ residency at the O2, and would have been his duet partner in every show. Those rehearsals are featured in the ‘This Is It’ film.

Judith has also toured with Stevie Wonder, Prince, Josh Groban, John Legend, and was a contestant on The Voice. She featured extensively in the Oscar-winning documentary ’20 Feet From Stardom’, and won a Grammy Award for her contributions to its soundtrack. In 2015, she released her fantastic debut solo album, ‘Back In Time’, produced by her friend and mentor, Prince. Judith has recently released her new funk-laden single The Pepper Club, which she’ll undoubtedly be performing her Summer Tour in Europe, which will run through this month. Judith has a new album and stage musical called Golden Child due later this year.

Jamon and Charles are thrilled to have this chance to discuss Judith’s memories about working with legends Michael Jackson and Prince, her experience as a recording artist, and her upcoming projects.

Additional Links
Judith Hill’s website, YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
• Summer Tour dates in Europe
• Judith’s debut album, ‘Back In Time’ on her website and on Apple Music.
Video for Back In Time (Behind-The-Scenes at Paisley Park)
• Michael Jackson’s This Is It

Ad & Music Breaks
Michael Jackson and Judith Hill – I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (Live in This Is It Rehearsals)
Judith Hill – I Will Always Be Missing You
Judith Hill – Cry, Cry, Cry
Judith Hill – The Pepper Club

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Episode 014 – Travelling With a King Special

Epiosde 014 - Travelling With a King Special YouTube ArtOn this special episode of The MJCast, Jamon and Q interview author of the ‘Michael Jackson travel guide’ book Travelling With a King, Christophe. Topics include the book itself, his working relationship with co-author Antoine Cardinot, his fandom of Michael Jackson and the writing process behind the book. We also talk about Christophe’s French Michael Jackson magazine, MJBackstage, some of the intriguing locations mentioned within Travelling With a King and finally we delve into a discussion around Christophe’s views of places like Neverland and Hayvenhurst being considered tourist attractions.

As mentioned on the book’s official website, “Travelling With a King is the first ever travel guide totally dedicated to Michael Jackson. This fully colored and glossy paper book contains hundreds of places linked to the King of Pop, from studios to houses, venues and statues. You’ll find everything you need to know including historical and geographic details about each location. Travelling With A King – Book 1, is the first part of this totally unique travel guide. Book one contains North, Central & South America and, as bonuses, a few selected places [in] Europe and Asia. Its A5 format and light weight will make it easy to bring it with you every time you travel.”

For purchasing Travelling With a King at a discounted price, make sure to visit this special website which Christophe has created specifically for listeners of The MJCast!

Lastly, stay tuned at the end of this show to hear about various celebrations around the world for Michael’s 2015 birthday on August 29th!

Travelling With a King’s official website, Facebook and Twitter pages
MJBackstage’s official website, Facebook and Twitter pages
Visit this page of Travelling With a King’s website to purchase the book at a discounted price!
Michael Jackson performing Who Is It acapella for Oprah Winfrey
Michael Jackson’s HIStory statue in Best, Netherlands
The house featured in the Michael Jackson short film Thriller.
Michael Jackson shopping at The Regis Galerie in The Venetian, Las Vegas.
LMJ Magazine’s interview with the Christophe and Antoine, authors of Travelling With a King.
The 1980’s unauthorised interview with Michael and La Toya Jackson at Hayvenhurst.
Enola Lee’s website devoted to Neverland, titled Neverland – For Michael, For Love, Forever.
Remember the Time – Protecting Michael Jackson in his Final Days, a book by bodyguards Bill Whitfield, Javon Beard and Tanner Colby
You Are Not Alone – Michael: Through a Brother’s Eyes, a book by Jermaine Jackson.
Information on Michael Jackson’s birthday weekend in Sydney, courtesy of MJ Book Club and the MJ Fans of Melbourne Facebook pages.
The Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace in Sydney is set to celebrate Michael’s birthday with a special screening of Moonwalker!
Walk the World for Michael, an annual charity event on Michael’s birthday which contributes funds by initiatives by the charity organisation, Michael Jackson’s Legacy.
Cirque Du Soleil and Michael Jackson One are set to celebrate Michael’s 2015 birthday in style!
Michael’s birthday celebration in Perth, Western Australia.
Katherine Jackson’s August 21 – 22 I Just Can’t Stop Loving You charity weekend in Gary, Indiana
Footage of Michael Jackson visiting China during the late 1980’s.

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