We reach a base rate of 6000+ podcast downloads per episode, with many of our tentpole episodes exceeding that figure greatly. This number excludes the views our episodes garner on YouTube, which in some instances, equal or surpass our podcast downloads.

We reach an engaged, loyal, and discerning audience of Michael Jackson and Jackson family fans, as well as general appreciators of music and culture. Our sponsors thus far have included food, grocery delivery and audiobook companies.

Our listeners won’t be fooled into buying bad products, and they reward the good ones by spreading the word.

Each episode contains up to two sponsors, and will include:
• A live pre-roll ad read.
• A live mid-roll read by a host during the episode, approximately 1–2 minutes long, with either your prepared script or a freeform ad-lib guided by your bullet points.
• A link and short description at the bottom of each episode’s post.

Interested in being a sponsor? We’d love to hear from you.

Current Sponsors
• Audible – Great audiobooks.
• Instacart – Groceries delivered in as little as one hour.
• Crack Corn – Ridiculously delicious puff corn.
The MJCast Shop – Support The MJCast and Michael Jackson at the same time by buying some of our merch.

All revenue generated by The MJCast goes towards show running costs, updating podcasting equipment and charity donations.