Jackson Source – With a focus on all things Jackson family, Jackson Source is a fantastic fan club and website for those interested in the latest news around music’s first family. If you love Michael, but also Janet, 3T and the rest of the Jacksons, check out Jackson Source.

Michael Jackson Fans For Charity – MJFFC is a fan-made, UK-based charity organization inspired by the humanitarian work of Michael Jackson. The group’s primary project is the ‘Michael Jackson Monthly Giving’ Project, which can be joined for as little as £1 per month. A great way to do some good in the world through micro-funding.

MJ101 – A continuing series of free eBooks exploring the artistry of Michael Jackson. The author of this series has a wonderful eye for design and has organised the books’ content into a ‘countdown’ style format. These eBooks are perfect to read on an iPad and will generate lots of thoughts and discussion between yourself and your MJ fan friends.

Remixed by Nick* – No one quite does Michael Jackson remixes like Nick*. If you love hearing alternate takes on MJ classics, but while honouring his original vibe and sound, you can’t go wrong here. – This is Michael’s official website and is run by Sony Music. Drop by to see any of the latest products Michael’s Estate might be releasing in collaboration with Sony.

The MJCast on Apple Podcasts – Here is our official page on Apple’s iTunes web store. Please consider reviewing our show here as this will assist with online visibility. Please also subscribe to our show using iTunes on Mac/PC or Apple’s Podcasts app on iOS devices.

Apple’s Official Podcasts Page – This is Apple’s official site for podcasting. Drop by and learn about this exciting medium. You will also find lots of helpful information here about how podcasting can work on your devices and how to solve any problems you may be having.