Michael Jackson Related Sites

Moonwalk Talks – Another Michael Jackson podcast, but hosted by rapper, hip hop producer and MJ mega-fan, Jankins. With the concept of deep diving into one major topic per episode, Moonwalk Talks is entertaining, informative and exquisitely produced. Jankins has always been a major inspiration for The MJCast. We hope you enjoy Moonwalk Talks as much as we do.

The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies – This website offers a distinctly academic perspective on Michael Jackson, his art and legacy. Home to a peer reviewed academic journal, an academy which offers Michael Jackson courses and a podcast (The Dream Lives On), MJAS put their heart and soul into enriching the Michael Jackson fan community with scholarly information.

MJVibe – MJVibe is one of the world’s leading Michael Jackson fan clubs, offering up to the minute news, great Michael Jackson related events and much more.

Jackson Source – With a focus on all things Jackson family, Jackson Source is a fantastic fan club and website for those interested in the latest news around music’s first family. If you love Michael, but also Janet, 3T and the rest of the Jacksons, check out Jackson Source.

MJ101 – A continuing series of free eBooks exploring the artistry of Michael Jackson. The author of this series has a wonderful eye for design and has organised the book’s content into a ‘countdown’ style format. These eBooks are perfect to read on an iPad and will generate lots of thoughts and discussion between yourself and your MJ fan friends.

The Michael Jackson Archives – Facebook’s leading Michael Jackson community. With focused discussion around Michael’s art and contributions from Michael’s collaborators, this is a community with up to date discussion on Michael news, leaks and artistic material. – This is Michael’s official website and is run by Sony Music. Drop by to see any of the latest products Michael’s Estate might be releasing in collaboration with Sony.

Other Links

Daily Michael – The internet’s most consistently updated website on legal developments around Michael Jackson. Here you will find original court documents and expert commentary. With an unparalleled fact driven focus, Daily Michael will leave you feeling informed and satisfied.

The Michael Jackson Academia Project – The MJAP aims to provide an academic analysis of the greatest catalogue of the modern pop-era. Not only this, but they are a grassroots activist group that works to preserve the integrity of Michael Jackson’s public image as well as the significance of his art. If you want unadulterated, raw and hard hitting facts around Michael and how his art and legacy are handled, check out The MJAP. – What can we say? This is one of, if not the best Michael Jackson sites out there. Run by Damien Shields (a regular contributor to the show), this site features extensively researched investigative articles on Michael. If you want to hear information straight from the professionals who worked with Michael on his music, make sure to check out Damien Shields. – Syl’s website features beautifully written opinion pieces on all things Michael Jackson. You will find great articles written here about current developments in the MJ world, but also reflective pieces on things that the author has been thinking about. An absolute MUST for any fan of Michael and his family, The Jacksons.

Remixed by Nick* – No one quite does Michael Jackson remixes like Nick*. If you love hearing alternate takes on MJ classics, but while honouring his original vibe and sound, you can’t go wrong here. – Enjoy the intro and outro music you heard on The MJCast? That was made by Dan Villalobos! Dan is a producer, composer and mix engineer who also happens to be a massive Michael Jackson fan. Dan has worked in the radio, music, film, theatre and video game industries since 2010. Like quality music? Check out Dan’s work.


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