Episode 076 – MJ101 Special: Thriller 35

In celebration of the recent 35th anniversary of Thriller and the accompanying MJ101 eBook, Jamon and Q have returning guests Andy Healy and Chris Lacy back on the show for an in-depth, track-by-track discussion of the album for the first special episode of Season Four.

Andy, creator of the free MJ101 eBook series, and Chris, a long-time fan, dancer and Albumism contributor, share their insights and stories alongside Jamon and Q as they take a deep dive into the world of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Thriller remains the world’s best-selling album and has inspired more than three decades worth of iconic dance moves and fashion. Through this discussion of each track, the guys get to the heart of how Thriller changed pop culture, and the world.


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4 Replies to “Episode 076 – MJ101 Special: Thriller 35”

  1. Been Told

    I can’t believe that I’ve been listening to podcasts for 8 years and I had no idea there was a proper Michael Jackson podcast!
    You guys are doing a great job and I really like that you don’t constrain yourself to an hour or even less, like many other podcasters do. Maybe they come from radio and still have that weird format thinking. You guys just take your time and leave room for all the stuff that needs to be said/heard. At least that is my impression from listening to all of one episode. 😀 Seriously though, really, really enjoyable podcast.
    I also like the way you don’t all have the same background and tastes (judging from this episode). It makes it far more interesting and diverse. And diversity of opinion is really something that lacks the few other MJ podcasts I heard. Michael was not just one thing. He was many, many things to many, many people.

    I am really torn about the Billie Jean thing. On the one hand, there are the similarities. The notes really are very similar. On the other hand, there are a few other mitigating things.
    1. Michael wrote all the time and I doubt very much that he wrote the song in 1982. He tends to sit on stuff for a long time. I mean, remember Little Susie being released on HIStory in 1995? He wrote that in 1979!
    2. Michael didn’t habitually lift stuff off other songs. I’m not talking about inspiration here – all the legends, including Michael, stand on the shoulders of giants. Before him there was James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Elvis. Before them there were the other greats. But noone exists apart from everyone else in music.
    3. Artists who steal music tend to steal melodies and/or harmonies. Basslines, yes, not unheard of, but rarely. Mostly it’s melodies.
    4. Cases of stolen songs, a lot of the time, are: artist steals a song, it’s his most amazing one big hit while the rest is really average. With Michael it’s not like that. A driving bass is something that is part of all his dance songs. It’s part of his MO, the way he writes.

    So yes, while I see the similarities, I find it hard to believe that Michael just went and lifted the bass from the song. And to be honest, Quincy Jones is full of shit in recent years. He has become very spiteful and in some interviews he flat out lied about Michael. Maybe he’s becoming senile or something, I don’t know. But I’ve lost all respect for him as a human being. I know old people can say what they want and they earned that right. But that’s where your real character comes out. So that makes me think that Quincy was an asshole all his life and only now it shows.
    As a producer he is legendary, no question. As a human being, I don’t think so. Shitting all over your most prolific colleague and by association on your most successful and historic work.

    Sorry for ending on such a negative note. Really loved the podcast and looking forward to hearing more. Keep up the great work!

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      Thanks so much for your kind comments. We are thrilled that you are enjoying the podcast and hope that you keep exploring our episodes and finding others that you like! We discuss lots of different topics and have interviewed a wide range of MJ collaborators, so lots of fun episodes to dig into in our archives, for sure.
      Very good points about Billie Jean!
      Thanks again, and feel free to engage with us on social media as well. We are very active on Twitter, as well as Facebook and Instagram.
      Stay BAD,

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