049: Season Two Mixtape

We’re interrupting our end of year break to give you Episode 049. This curated mixtape is made up of Jamon and Q’s favourite songs from Season Two of The MJCast. We’d like to give special mention to Michael Jackson’s premiere remix artist, Nick*, who has a monumental nine tracks out of thirty-one on this mixtape. You can follow Nick* on his websiteFacebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Instagram, and YouTube. Enjoy!

1. Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (Nick* Disco Redux)
2. The Jacksons – State of Shock (Nick* ElectroFunk Radio Edit)
3. Janet Jackson – Escapade (North Shore Remix)
4. Michael Jackson – She’s Out Of My Life (Nick* Drama Redux)
5. Michael Jackson – You Are Not Alone (Nick* Remix)
6. Michael Jackson – Scream (Le P Remix)
7. Africa Tribute to the King of Pop (Original African Ugandan Version)
8. Ahmed Alshaiba – The Don’t Care About Us (Oud Cover)
9. Michael Jackson – Jam (Nick* Redux)
10. Paulina Citzman – Still
11. Sway – The King Full Stop
12. Leslie Wai – Michael Jackson Mashup
13. Michael Jackson – Butterflies (Track Masters Remix feat. Eve)
14. Michael Jackson – Human Nature (Nick* Tropical Remix)
15. Michael Jackson – Hold My Hand (Bergs Tropical Remix) [feat. Akon]
16. Michael Jackson – You Rock My World (Neobeats Remix)
17. Nigel George – M.J. You Are Loved
18. Jeremy Green – Man In The Mirror (Viola Cover)
19. The Jacksons – Different Kind of Lady (Jam Master Re-edit)
20. Michael Jackson – Dirty Diana (Nick* Remix)
21. Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Groovefunkel Take It Slow Remix)
22. Janet Jackson – The Pleasure Principal (Rank¹ ”Airwave” 2K15 Classic Radio Edit)
23. Duwende – Smooth Criminal
24. Michael Jackson – Do You Know Where Your Children Are (2010 Version)
25. Michael Jackson – Threatened (Nick* Remix)
26. Michael Jackson – Thriller (James Egbert Remix)
27. Michael Jackson – Give In To Me (Demo)
28. Maati Baani – Heal The World (Child Prodigy Cover)
29. Boyce Avenue – Will You Be There
30. Accent – Keep The Faith
31. Michael Jackson – Remember The Time (Funk LeBlanc Remix)

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About Jamon Bull (Admin)

An Australian guy who loves tech, sci-fi, music, film & history. I also host a Michael Jackson podcast called The MJCast.

6 Replies to “049: Season Two Mixtape”

  1. Cathy Gill

    Thanks for this mixtape, My favorite song is Michael Jackson Tribute – Heal The World – Child Prodigy Cover |.Children are precious I can’t help but cry,listening to the song.Cry, knowing Michael should be here.Murray did it, no doubt, others were apart. If it wasn’t for them Michael would still be here.I’m thankful, he’s at peace.No one can hurt him, anymore.He’ll never be forgotten. In 1969,I was five. I learned my ABC s #TheJackson5–The Jacksons–.Michael solo +
    His music goes on;not enough. He still had so much to do.I follow almost all the Jackson Family.Family me a lot, to me.Michael was close to his Mother and I’ve always been close to my Mother. MJCast, you are the best. Rick, good job.

  2. Raj Z

    Absolutely loving the Mixtape guys. Have downloaded some of the songs and got them on repeat.

    Keep up the great work and can’t wait for season 3 to start!

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