Episode 026 – Diana Walczak Special

Episode 026 - Diana Walczak Special YouTube Art

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Welcome to The MJCast’s first special episode for Season Two, a conversation with none other than filmmaker, artist and Michael Jackson collaborator, Diana Walczak. Before working with the King of Pop, Diana first came to the technology and entertainment industry’s attention when pioneering computer generated imagery in the late 1980’s for Marvel Comics. Following this, Diana began innovating through creating some of the first CGI humans in live action films.

It was in 1994 that Diana had the opportunity to work as a sculptor for Michael Jackson himself when Sony commissioned her to create what has now come to be known as the iconic HIStory Statue. This amazing sculpture of Michael features on his seminal 1995 album, HIStory – Past, Present and Future, Book I and depicts him in his opening pose from the Dangerous World Tour. The statue itself has come to represent Michael’s glory as the King of Pop not only in our hearts as fans, but in physical locations around the world where ten metre versions of the statue from the HIStory era still stand today.


In this conversation you will hear all about Diana’s life as an artist and filmmaker, her work with Michael Jackson and her current artistic and philanthropic endeavours. This truly is a masterclass in Diana’s artistic endeavours and her own HIStory as a Michael Jackson collaborator. We also discuss her official product line, The Diana Walczak Collection from which 60% of proceeds are being put aside for a permanent Michael Jackson HIStory monument for fans all over the world to visit. Please take a moment to explore Diana’s official product line, there you will find a the HIStory police embroidered patch which is inspired by the patch Michael is wearing on his right arm in the HIStory statue and the stunning heather HIStatue t-shirt! Make sure to get your hands on these limited edition products to support Diana and her vision to further Michael’s legacy through her own art. We hope you enjoy this special episode of the internet’s premiere podcast on all things Michael Jackson and the Jackson family.



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9 Replies to “Episode 026 – Diana Walczak Special”

  1. Carley

    I will just say that I LOVED This Ep. I was so interested in how the Statue came about etc. That’s all I am going to say.

    From your Live Tweeter:

    Carley 🙂

  2. Marina

    Greetings from Canada!!! I’ve been listening to your podcasts from Day 1 and this is my 1st time posting a comment about an Episode! Whoo hoo!! This was really interesting .. to learn about Diana’s background, the evolution of her amazing career over the years, how the Statue came into ‘being’ and hearing her talk about how she felt Michael should be remembered and her impressions of him near the end …Wow, really touched my heart. I’ll never look at the HIStory Statue of Michael the same again. And I have to say Diana’s awesome story of “The Great Perfume” at Tower Records … well, that was the icing on the cake, right!! LOL!!
    Thank you to all of you for your efforts, the wonderful, fun, inspiring, insightful and important things you’re doing here for Michael’s Truth and his Legacy!! Cheers!! <3

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  5. Steven Hodges

    We really need to get more MJ statues up and out there. Via sponsorship or something, one in as many countries as possible, what a sight to foresee and would be so inspirational.

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  7. alexinou

    I love how Stephen’s comments above look like he was commenting live 😁
    Great episode and fantastic guest, Diana is very personble and we learn so much listening to her, about music, sculpture, practical effects, CGI effects, AND we learn about Michael Jackson!
    I’m writing this 4 yers later and I’ve never heard of HIStory statues for sale, it would be great if they came out.
    Imagine if people had History statues in tjeir gardens amongst garden gnomes 😂
    It was interesting to hear that Diana was not involved in any of the multiple uses of her statue.
    Thank you for this great episode!

    Alexandre (he/him/his)


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