Episode 011 – June 25th Special with Darren Hayes

Episode 011 - June 25th Special With Darren Hayes YouTube ArtOn June 25th, 2009 the King of Pop, Michael Jackson tragically and unexpectedly passed away amidst preparations and rehearsals for his final live concert tour, This Is It. Although his passing and our present day lives are separated at this point by six years, for fans around the world the pain associated with this devastating event still lingers on. What a loss it was for the world. It’s clear that the Michael Jackson fan community is still coming to terms with and processing what happened six years ago and how we can move forward in a positive way. During his life, Michael spoke about the concept of love perhaps more than any other topic….love for Planet Earth, love for its children, love for ourselves…and love for each other. So with love in mind, this podcast episode was put together. It’s intention is certainly not to celebrate the occasion, but to reflect on the tragedy that happened and to assist in unifying the community in processing what occurred…but above all else, to remember, honour and reflect on the magical life that was Michael Jackson’s and the love that he gave to the world.

Former member of pop duo Savage Garden and now world renowned multi-million album selling artist in his own right, Darren Hayes, agreed to join us for this significant occasion in honouring and remembering Michael on the sixth anniversary of his passing. Q and I interviewed Darren about his Michael Jackson fandom, his views and thoughts on a range of Michael related issues and about his life as an artist.

Following this, Q and I explore and discuss our own experiences on June 25th, 2009 and how we feel Michael should be remembered, before handing over to some of our listeners to discuss the same topics. Thank-you to all of our listeners who submitted audio for us to consider in playing on this show. It was a pleasure listening to all of the submissions and they certainly had both Q and I reflecting on Michael and his legacy. For those of you who are still emotionally processing Michael’s passing, we hope this episode acts as a way for you to connect with other fans around the world who are as well. In this episode there are moments of joy and moments of sadness, but through it all, remember that we are all fans of Michael. We must carry on his message of love and positivity as a way of honouring his memory and everything that he gave to the world. From the bottom of our hearts, Keep Michaeling!

Darren Hayes’ official website and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts.
The He Said, He Said Show’s iTunes page.
Michael Jackson’s Bad World Tour live in Brisbane. Look out for a young Darren Hayes in the first ten seconds!
Michael Jackson’s Captain EO on YouTube.
Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service from 2009, at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.
Amateur footage of Billie Jean live at Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Celebration concerts in 2001.
Michael Jackson’s 1987 Molly Meldrum interview.
Xscape Origins – The Songs and Stories Michael Jackson Left Behind, a book by Damien Shields.
Bad 25 – A documentary on Michael’s ‘Bad’ album, by Spike Lee.
Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean performance on Motown 25. Look out for his first ever moonwalk at the end of Billie Jean!
Darren Hayes’ Secret Codes and Battleships limited deluxe two CD edition on Amazon and iTunes.
The new Savage Garden album The Singles, and the re-releases for Savage Garden and Affirmation on iTunes Australia.

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9 Replies to “Episode 011 – June 25th Special with Darren Hayes”

  1. LeAnna

    Thank you so much for bringing us your Darren Hayes interview. I’m his new greatest fan! I really enjoyed hearing everyone’s stories & outpouring of love for Michael. You gave people a great way to come together and help each other through this time. I was amazed to hear that so many of the people weren’t MJ fans until after his death. I think it’s great that they found him & are touched by his music & message. Micheal would be proud.

  2. Jadz Szuster

    Thank you this was a great show on this day of sadness and love! Those words where so warm and kind. The world needs to see the real Michael Jackson he was not only the greatest entertainer in the world but he was a human being with a heart that was so pure with love for the planet and the children! He did so much and yet the world still bring him down! Michaels children are so proud of their Father as he is of them.
    Thank you great show.

  3. Denise Purcell

    Another great show guys! Thanks again for all that you do for us fans. You are blessed to have each other for support and to share memories of Michael. It was nice surprise to hear from another fan from St. Louis and I really enjoyed listening to Darren’s stories 🙂

    Love & Love, Denise

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  7. alexinou

    I cannot recommend this episode enough, what an emotional roller coaster.
    I had a few chuckles, between the hyperspace sound effect during Darren’s interview and the “crotch-grabbing” reference 😂

    Darren Hayes’s contribution to this episode was fantastic, what a privilege to listen to him and learn so much from him, with such an insight from both sides: the artist and the fan.
    This was another episode that covered how to handle unreleased material, and thanks to Darren’s point of view, we now have a direct perspective of how it can feel, as an artist, and I’m very grateful for that, it *is* changing my mind and tipping the balance between “I want to hear it all” and “it is private material and should be kept private”.
    I’ve loved also how Darren explained Michael Jackson, by being who he was, was not only a model for people of all races, religions, ages and genders, but people also from all gender *orientations* saw themselves in him, something I wouldn’t have thought of before.

    Then in this episode, we also hear very personal testimonies on how we all experienced Michael Jackson’s death and you will cry more than once as you listen to it. This was a bold move from the MJ Cast, a powerful one, a fantastic one, this episode will stay with you for a long time.

    Some people struggle more than others to carry on, some may even wonder, well, what’s the POINT, now?
    But there is a POINT, being fans of Michael Jackson is being extraordinary, particularly sensitive, altruist and genuinely good people.
    I love that a listener from Ireland mentioned Charlie Chaplin’s legacy because I completely agree: nowadays, we only remember the creative genius he was, not the controversies.
    So whatever eggs and rotten tomatoes are thrown at Michael Jackson’s image, there is great hope, and the POINT is to keep following his philosophy:
    – Be your true self and believe in yourself
    – Be the best version of yourself you can be
    – Be that person that does not judge others, no matter the appearances

    Alexandre (he/him/his)

    1. Elise Capron

      What amazing commentary, Alexandre. Thank you for these inspiring thoughts! YES, we must live according to MJ’s incredible humanitarian ideals, and stay strong! -E


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